Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health is the FIRST in developing an innovative pediatric service line to guide treatment option where there are no further therapeutic options. The Pediatric Precision Genomics Program proposes to use changes in tumor genetics or gene expression in combination with germ line genetics to provide individualized treatment recommendations for children with aggressive cancers. This personalized medicine approach calls for choosing a treatment plan based on the patient’s underlying mutations, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach of standard chemotherapy. 

Patrick was the first patient to participate in the precision genomics program at Riley Hospital for Children. While too far into his journey to affect the outcome, the testing done will help determine the best way to treat children with a similar diagnosis.

The cost of the testing is high and currently, insurance companies will not cover this cost. It is our desire that no child, no family have to worry of the dollars associated with helping their child overcome this terrible disease.

With your help, we have established the PS We Love You Fund for precision genomics testing in individual children at Riley Hospital for Children. It is our desire, as would be Patrick’s, that every child has the opportunity to receive an individualized treatment plan to fight their individualized cancer.